2: I slurp therefore I am.

It’s going to be interesting to see how we can improve from here. Our work looks considerably better than when we first started a couple years ago but the trick now is to be as consistent as we used to be and also to try and build up a community of readers around our work.

I don’t expect much of anyone to find us in the void of the internet all on their own but I do hope that once people read our work, they’ll at least help give us feedback on where we can grow from here.

After all, we’re building a story to share with people. One we both enjoy and hope that others can too. If you’re reading this, don’t hesitate to drop some criticism.  😀

– Jack

One thought on “2: I slurp therefore I am.

  1. Hai Jack,

    the art is really well done.. it’s fuzzy but it’s enough to be stylistic instead of looking cheap. nothing much going on for this section of the comic it seems like. just the character drinking a juice box..for some reason. the alt text was really funny I will be checking the webtoon version for alternate text now. As far as the yellow Text, it seems to be indicating there is something larger in the works. how or why it relates to juice through.. I will have to see.

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